Annual Fee

Louisville Concierge Medicine, PLLC is a participating provider with Medicare and most commercial insurance companies. The annual subscription fee does not cover medical services. It allows the Practice to limit the number of patients to guarantee the access and highly personalized care that you desire.

As per insurance contract obligation, members pay their designated deductibles, co-payments and insurance premiums just as they would with any other provider. In addition to this, the annual subscription fee is $2,500 per person per year and $4,000 per couple per year. Your tax advisor or plan administrator can define whether the subscription fee qualifies for reimbursement from your Healthcare Savings Account or other tax-advantaged plan.

Please ask about our Group Business Plans, Corporate Executive Care Program and Family Plans.

In keeping with the innovative concept of this practice, and in order to provide access to the highly personalized care, space is limited and patients will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.