General Overview

After careful consideration, Louisville Concierge Medicine, PLLC was created in 2011 by Dr. Karageorge as a private Internal Medicine Practice that provides an alternative approach to the way medical care is offered today. The Practice is a retainer-based model that offers highly personalized value-based medical care to a limited number of patients.

Patients, in turn, receive easy and timely access to appointments and to their physician. The physician provides a personalized comprehensive and aggressive approach to caring for each patient. Her vision is that the Practice not only addresses routine Internal Medicine issues, but, strongly focuses on wellness and prevention. With extended office visits, emphasis can be placed on such things as modification of risk factors, early disease detection, education regarding medical diagnoses, nutrition counseling and personal fitness.

A yearly report summarizing your health assessment and pertinent medical data is given to you in written or electronic format so that you (or in case of emergency while you are traveling, another treating physician) can have immediate access to your medical history.

Implementation of an electronic medical record allows the physician instant access to your medical history enabling the practice to provide seamless care whether you are being seen in our office or the hospital. Medication tracking and electronic prescriptions will reduce medication errors.

In the event that you develop an urgent medical need, your concierge physician is available to see you either promptly in the office, local ER or hospital. If hospitalization is necessary, your concierge physician provides care throughout your hospital stay, coordinates and communicates with subspecialists and navigates you through today’s very complex medical system. Most importantly, however, you have an advocate to walk with you throughout your journey in and out of the hospital.

In summary, this practice is committed to providing patients with competent, compassionate and comprehensive up-to-date medical care that is personalized to meet your needs.