Hospital Affiliations

In today’s world, most Internal Medicine Physicians no longer admit and follow their patients in the hospital when they require admission. At Louisville Concierge Medicine, PLLC we believe that continuity of care is crucial in helping patients restore and maintain good health.

In the event that you require in-patient admission to the hospital, your concierge physician will admit you, follow and direct your care. Because Louisville Concierge Medicine, PLLC is an independent private practice (ie. not owned or employed by a hospital or national franchise), we can refer you to expert subspecialists of your choice. One of the most substantial services we offer is the ability to coordinate and communicate with all of your subspecialists and then communicate a daily personalized plan to you. Upon discharge from the hospital, we will coordinate your care with home health agencies and rehab services as needed. Our commitment is that we will serve as the “captain of your ship” for all your medical services.

Most importantly however, you have an advocate to walk with you throughout your journey in and out of the hospital.

Your physician maintains admitting privileges at the following inpatient facilities: